Conference Award

Session Title: Target Detection and Pattern Recognition
Best Paper Presenter: Shuchi He, Soochow University, China
IT1049: A Position-Sensitive Regression Network for Multi-Oriented Scene Text Detection

Session Title: Digital Image Processing and Application
Best Paper Presenter: Tianze Gao, Harbin Institute of Technology, China
IT008: A Convolution-Involution Hybrid Framework for Monocular 3D Object Detection

Session Title: Soft Computing and Intelligent Computing
Best Paper Presenter: Zheng Haifeng, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China
IT1045: Human Mobility Prediction Based on DBSCAN and RNN

Session Title: Electronic and Intelligent Control System
Best Paper Presenter: Lei Gao, North China University of Technology, China
IT1036: Automatic Recognition of Intersections based on Vehicle Trajectory Turning Points Clustering

Session Title: Communication and Signal System
Best Paper Presenter: Angelica Samortin, Mapua University, Philippines
IT1081: The Optimization of a 5G Insetfed Patch Antenna using the Machine Learning Algorithm Surrogate Model Assisted Differential Evolution for Antenna Synthesis

Session Title: Software and Applications
Best Paper Presenter: Chen Yang, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
IT1007: SpBiSeq: An early-stage fingerprint generation method with high robustness for encrypted mobile application traffic

Session Title: Computer and Information Engineering
Best Paper Presenter: Sheng Zhang, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China
IT1053: Segment-level Cross-modal Knowledge Transfer for Speech Sentiment Analysis

Session Title: Communication Theory and Technology
Best Paper Presenter: Jiyuan Sun, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, China
IT1056: High-Dimensional Modulation Superposition NOMA with Non-Ideal Channel Estimation

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SHORT NAME : CVIT 2021 VENUE : Fully Virtual DATE: August 13-15 PUBLISHED BY: IEEE INDEX: EI Compendex, Scopus